Human Massage or Massage Chair?

Massage is an excellent way to relax and relieve you of the stress and worries of the day. People suffering from pain or disease also find comfort and faster recovery with a regular massage therapy. A massage therapy delivers countless benefits to your entire body both mentally and physically. You are relieved of stress, your blood circulation and breathing is improved, your muscles are relaxed and you feel fresh and lighter as a whole. If you are thinking of starting regular massage sessions, there are two ways that you can pursue it. You can either visit a massage therapist regularly for massage treatments or you could bring home a best massage chair and enjoy unlimited massages while sitting at home whenever you feel the need. Both the options have their pros and cons which you must be aware of before picking one. Let’s compare the two to make your choice easier:


Cost is an important issue which you need to consider before making a pick. If you find a good massage therapist, they might charge you around $100 for each massage session and if you go for a massage once every week, it will cost you around $400 per month. On the other hand a good massage chair, although costs you a lot more initially, you can enjoy as many massages as you want for many years without paying anything. Even if you go for a high-end massage chair and spend around $3000 on it, it will start to pay off as you would be enjoying unlimited massages without paying continuously to a spa.


With a massage therapist you will be wasting a good amount of time to get a single massage. First you will need to go all the way to a good spa which might not be available in the area where you live if you’re not so lucky. Don’t expect the massage therapist to be waiting to treat you as soon as you visit the spa. You will need to schedule an appointment and then wait for your turn to get treated especially if you want the services of a good therapist. With a massage chair, you don’t need to drive anywhere; neither do you need to schedule an appointment. Think of it as your personal therapist who is always waiting to treat you.


The level of comfort depends on your preferences. Some people prefer human touch for a comfortable and relaxing massage. Others may find it a little uncomfortable getting massaged from another human whether they are of the same sex or different. Sitting alone in a massage chair listening to a relaxing music might feel the most comfortable massage to some. You can sit back and relax in your massage chair wearing whatever you feel comfortable in while you may want to dress up decently if you’re getting a massage from another person.

Now that you know the differences between the two types of massage treatments, you can easily select whatever you find the most suitable for yourself.

The Pros and Cons of Fruit Juices

Are you still buying fruit juices at a juice stand when you are out partying with friends? Look around! Fruit juices are not just an occasional drink now. More and more people are now consuming fruit juices as part of their every day diet. If you do choose to consume it every day, it will be much healthier and cost-effective to invest in best cold press juicer to save money. The packaged juices you buy at a store are the worst since you can even be sure if there is any real fruit in it or it is simply a mix of artificial flavors, preservatives and sugar. Homemade juices are comparatively much healthier. However, if you are thinking that these fresh, homemade juices provide nothing but benefits to you, you are wrong. If consumed in excess, even these fresh, homemade juices can cause a few disadvantages. Let’s look at a few pros and cons of adding more fruit juices to your diet:

Pros of consuming fruit juices:

1.      Fast absorption of nutrients:

You already know that fruits are packed with countless nutrients. If you consume them whole, your digestive system will first digest it to release the nutrients which are then absorbed by the blood stream to be taken to all the parts of the body. Juicing however, breaks down most of the cellular structure of the fruits and therefore most of the fruit has already been digested for you by the cold press juicer. This means that when you consume the juice, the nutrients will instantly be absorbed by the blood stream giving you an instant boost of nutrients.

2.      Easier way to add more fruits to your diet:

Most people simply don’t find the time or the will to sit and eat a bunch of fruits to benefit from their nutrients. A far easier way to add these nutrients to your diet is to drink a glass of fruit juice instead. Gulping down a glass of fruit juice doesn’t take more than a minute and is much more delicious than raw fruit.

3.      Antioxidants:

A fruit juice is also a good source of antioxidants which provides your body with countless benefits. It’s good for your health and builds your immune system to keep you away from many infections.

Cons of consuming fruit juices:

1.      Lack of fibers:

The cold press juicers make the fruits pass through a mesh to filter out all the fibrous content, allowing only the juice to pass into the glass. Since the juice lacks all the fibers that the fruit has, it won’t provide you with the many health benefits that come from fibers. In this way you are wasting an essential and beneficial part of the fruit.

2.      High levels of sugar:

Although much better than the artificial sugars that are present in packaged juices, the fresh juices still contain a large amount of natural sugars in them. not only do they contribute to weight gain but they are also absorbed into the blood stream very quickly just like the nutrients which results in an elevated blood sugar level which is especially problematic if you have diabetes.